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Guitarist - Producer

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London born guitarist and producer Tal Janes grew up making and writing music with his siblings throughout his teens. Teaching himself the guitar by imitating music from his parent's record collection, music quickly became a part of everyday life and a means of expression. Known for his sensitive approach and eclectic taste in music, his playing has led him to perform, tour & record with some of Londons most exciting artists such as; Jordan Rakei, Nubiyan Twist, Waaju, Cherise, Qwalia and many more. 

Often being heavily involved in the mixing, arranging and recording stages of albums he had worked on as a guitarist, his keen ear and vision for music beyond his own instrument has led him to work as a producer. Initially recognised for his songwriting, production and engineering skills for his band Bahla, co-led by long time collaborator Joseph Costi, he now works with a number of artists from his studio in Tottenham, North London. 


Tal is also a passionate educator who has guest lectured at Leeds College of Music and has a small number of regular private students.

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